Super Mario Kart: A Great Spin-Off Game of the Mario Franchise

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Super Mario Kart: A Great Spin-Off Game of the Mario Franchise

Super Mario Kart racing game, a fun and exciting game for friends and even the whole family is another trademark series from the Super Mario franchise. The game was successfully launched in 1992 and first featured in Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).  Super Mario Kart has a total of 11 different games released to date and has over 100 million copies of these games sold, worldwide. The game featured a lot of iconic characters from the Super Mario franchise which is attributed to the success of these series.

In 1985, the development of Super Mario Bros. was headed by Shigeru Miyamoto who is the famous Japanese video game developer that has significantly contributed in bringing life to the most successful franchise characters in the history of video game.

What Is the Gameplay of Super Mario Kart Racing

To play the game, players select their preferred character who will drive the kart and compete in a 12-player all-out go-kart-like style of racing, except that the Super Mario Kart gameplay features elements in the game that make it more fun and exciting such as various courses configuration and the use of different power-ups that will either speed them up or slow them down or their enemies like weapons or defensive tools and speed boosters. These power-ups are obtained by driving over boxes containing power-ups. You need to remember though that your current position or performance can sometimes influence what you will get from these boxes. Others can be acquired by driving over the icon that corresponds to a certain power-up scattered around the race courses.

Each installment of the game features new elements that keep the Super Mario Kart gameplay fresh and even more exciting such as new courses, items and new characters to choose from.

Courses and Modes of Play in Super Mario Kart

Most of these courses are based on the Super Mario franchise and are mostly featured throughout the entire series of Super Mario Kart as each game features at least 16 original courses from the Mushroom Kingdom and 6 other original courses as battle arenas. The first Mario Kart game to feature all tracks from the previous Super Mario Kart games was Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Examples of these courses are:


  1. Mario Circuit
  2. Bowsers Castle
  3. Donut Plains
  4. Ghost valley
  5. Choco Island
  6. Koopa Beach
  7. Vanilla Lake
  8. Rainbow Road

Each of these games features a variety of game modes. But these 4 are the most common of them all:

Modes of Play:

  1. Grand Prix.  This game mode lets the players compete in various cups, racing in a group of four courses, where the player with the highest points accumulated overall at the end of all four rounds is the winner.  This game mode also has 4 different levels: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and mirror (150cc) that translates as easy, medium, hard and ultra-hard difficulty level.
  1. Time Trial.  In this game mode, the player races alone to beat the given time or set timed laps. The best times are saved and later can be run in the ghost mode for other players to beat.
  1. Versus (VS).  This the head-to-head game mode. It’s either player versus player or player versus CPUor AI.
  1. Battle.  This as well can be played while competing against another player or against CPU or AI. The goal here is not to race through the finish line but to pop the balloons that are attached to each others kart. Each player has three balloons and the first to pop all the balloons from the opponent’s kart wins the game.

The Balanced Overview of Computer Games

pc games
The Balanced Overview of Computer Games

Earlier, kids used to spend most of their time watching televisions and their favorite cartoons on TV. Things have changed with the advancement in technology as kids today enjoy playing games on your computer instead of watching cartoons on TV. Computer Games are increasingly becoming the natural habit not only for kids across the world, but adults also equally enjoy playing games on a computer system. Many are becoming addicted to the online games that are played using computer systems. So, let us have a balanced overview on computer gaming.

Benefits of Computer Games

Many times, these Computer Games can help relax your mind and make you stress-free. It has become the favorite time pass for many people across the world. Today, you will come across with a variety of online games that are made available to you for playing on the computer. There are also games that can offer you and your kids with basic knowledge about the specific field. Some of the advantages of these games include:

  • It keeps your mind and brain alert and active
  • It is good for relaxing your mind
  • It creates the platform to impart knowledge indirectly
  • You can sharpen your brain with puzzle games
  • It can cheer up the person with bad mood
  • You can keep your kids occupied with these games while enhancing their knowledge and abilities
  • It can train you to have quick fingers and sharper mind to deal with computer

Downside of Computer Games

There are many free online games that you can enjoy playing on your computer. But, there are some disadvantages associated with these games which you must know before engaging yourself with these Computer Games. Some of the disadvantages of computer gaming experience include:

  • It can consume most of your precious time while dinging important things
  • It also promotes negative vices like gambling and violence
  • It never endorses interactions with real life people
  • It can make you exhausted after playing for several hours
  • It can create adverse moods
  • There are some demanding and highly addictive games
  • It can affect your personal communication and social life because you become isolated with these games without interactions with real life people

The Balanced View of Computer Games

Computer Games can be enjoyable and fun filled, especially when strict control measures are in place. It can help people to improve their bad mood and enjoy playing different games in their leisure time. If you avoid playing the game which has bad influence on your mood and emotions, then it can a better thing for you to enjoy. You can try playing games that are educative and wholesome in nature.

So, when it comes to playing the Computer Games, you are always required to make the selection of games vigilantly. If you are not good at the monitoring mechanism, then these games can be a curse for you. However, if you have complete control over your gaming thrill, then it can prove to be a real blessing for you.